Sweden Guideline for the Elderly Citizen

Coronavirus is compelling the majority of the people around the globe to get into isolation in any sickness. However, Sweden is not advising it to its senior citizen at the moment. Instead, it is being advised that everyone, regardless of any age group. It will be following the same rules as the country.

Although Sweden’s authority earlier advised to strictly follow the international rules of maintaining social distance in public places. The public health chief of Sweden said that why do Swedish senior citizen need to follow the isolation rule when the rest of the European countries are not imposing on their countries.

It is also proposed to remain home, but they could easily float into their work station, gyms, or grocery stores whenever necessary. It is also seen that the second wave of Covid is putting forward another lockdown in the Czech Republic. The Prime Ministry of the European country concluded by saying that they also follow some harsh restricted rules in order to avoid the overflow in their hospital.

Nevertheless, European countries have the highest rate of infection rate. The percentage of new Covid cases increased, bringing in more than 10,000 corona patients. There were also some mishappened according to the recent record from the governmental health departments. Likewise, the Czech Republic, a country having a population of approximately 10.6 million. It was the first to lockdown, earning much respect. This was due to the limit on the locking of all close borders and large production supplies of masks.

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