What Was Nile Dam Dispute? – Controversial Issue

Nile Dam

The Nile is the oldest and oldest river in the world. This is the major north-flowing river in northeastern Africa. It is about 6,650 km long and covers 11 countries including Sudan, Ethiopia, and Egypt. It is of great importance for Egypt and Sudan as it is the primary source for both countries.

This giant dam is under dispute for a long time. Efforts made by Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia, to try to resolve this dispute broke down again. In July 2020, the construction of the hydroelectric dam was completed in the west of Ethiopia.

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Ethiopia starts filling the reservoirs whereas Egypt is extremely concerned about its water supply for irrigation and drinking. Egypt depends on the Nile to fulfill 97% of water-based needs. Even the World Bank and the United States were failed to resolve this issue last year.


On Sunday, a short conference video call was held between ministers of three countries and seems that it didn’t go well. Ethiopia and Sudan have provided contradictory statements blaming each other. Neil dam controversy could destabilize peace in the region. There are also other issues that are lessening the effectiveness of talk.  Sudan and Ethiopia have a border dispute.

Scenic Photo Of Beach During Dawn
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The Nile Dam Issue

As it is becoming the most controversial issue, so it is important for all 11 countries to seek a way to resolve this issue. They need to improve their relations beyond the Nile issue too. It will help them in improving educational, cultural, and trade exchange. Mutual relations among them will help to deal with the threats to peace and security. They will be able to control extremism, terrorism, and challenges to the economy, illiteracy, and poor infrastructure. The Nile riparians, Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan can resolve this dam controversy that will significantly help in increasing human development and economic growth.  As Egypt is rich in irrigation research, this collaboration could help Nile riparians to promote their agriculture.

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