How to Make Money as a Child?

Money as a kid

Do you know how to earn money as a child? If you don’t know, I’ll show you here. If you are one of them, you cannot miss this post. And if you have a child, with more reason you should keep reading! I explain why!

First of all, to avoid misunderstandings, the idea is not to enslave children or exploit them to earn money. There are simply many children who would like to be able to earn money for themselves. It is even a way of educating them, and that they learn that things are earned in life. As I told you, it is not a question of exploiting them, simply of teaching them.

How to Make Money as a Kid?

However, these rules do not mean that children cannot earn money. In fact, there are several great and legitimate ways for kids to earn and save money. And some of these ways can also make a kid rich and famous.

What are these shapes? Keep reading.

1. Cleaning as a Means of Earning Money:


Work related to cleaning has been highly denigrated. However, it is not at all a job that anyone should be ashamed of. It is also an excellent idea for a child to earn some money. You should only take advantage of those seasons where the leaves abound on the ground, that is, autumn.

So you can offer your neighbor to clean their yard in exchange for money. You could do the same by cleaning the snow in winter, or mowing the lawn, however it would be a little more delicate. In the case of snow, you could slip, and in the case of grass, you need to know how to handle the mowing machine.

2. The Traditional Lemonade Sale:

This is a business that has become an icon for children. That traditional stand where there is a child where they sell juices on hot days. Without a doubt, it is a great idea and it does not need much effort. You just have to ask your parents for help to teach you how to prepare the drink and in time you will only be able to do it. Although the icon is lemon juice, you can sell a great variety as long as they are refreshing drinks.

3. You can Teach You must know something:


You kids are all geniuses these days. You have been born in a time where technology “forces” you to learn a lot. I’m sure you know more than many other older people.

I mean things like designing PowerPoint presentations, editing images, or just basic computer skills. Believe me, there are many adults who would like to know that, and they are willing to pay for you to teach them.

4. Don’t you won’t or can’t teach? Just provide the service:


If you find it difficult to teach or you are shy, you can limit yourself to providing the services. That is, make PowerPoint slides, edit images, eliminate computer viruses, install programs, etc.

5. Install Games on Computers for Make Money as a Child:

PUBG Mobile on PC: How to download, install and play online? Easy guide | Apps News – India TV

This is included in the installation of programs. But I put this point aside because it is a much better idea. And it is that as a child you must meet many others. And as a child, you surely play on your computer and your acquaintances can easily catch it and want to play. You can provide your game installation service, and even burn it to a CD so they always have it with them.

6. You are not that Technological. Let’s go to the farm to Earn Money:

If you’re not very good at computer science, you can go back to the farm. But don’t be scared, I’m not saying you have to buy hundreds of hectares of land, I know I’m dealing with children. I mean to buy some chickens and sell the eggs they produce. It is a good business, you just have to be aware of collecting the eggs and feeding the hens.

7. Sell What you don’t use for Make Money as a Child:

Kids selling toys | Money as a child

It is certain that you have things that you no longer use. I mean clothes, toys, among other things. So you can organize a garage sale and get rid of those things in exchange for some income. It is a good answer to how to earn money as children that do not need investment, just have things that you do not use.

8. Sale of Sweets:

Money as a child

Sweets are products highly desired by children. I’m sure your friends, colleagues, neighbors… are going to love it. So you don’t lose anything by trying to put a sale on them. You can tell your mom to make you a cake and offer it in pieces. Or buy candy in bulk and sell individually.

9. Recycling as a Business:

Money as a child

Besides being an activity in favor of the environment, it is something that can leave you some money. If in your country there is no program that benefits you for recycling materials, you can sell it particularly. There are people who for example work with crafts and use plastic bottles. If you gather a few, they will surely buy them for you.

10. Pets are Another Good Business for Make Money as a Child:

Rabbit, Hare, Baby, Girl, Studio, Toy, Beautiful, Cute

Do you know how to earn money as a child? you can take care of and walk pets. As a child, you are very likely to like animals. The case of dogs is very common. And there may be many in the neighborhood and the owners cannot walk it. Why not do it for money?


You already have the answer to how to make money as a child. I hope you can get a lot out of it and that she doesn’t know a dead letter. Remember that the idea of all this is not to enslave yourself to work, because you must enjoy your childhood. So make all of this an enjoyment, something serious but fun. I give you a piece of information, and that is that more than one child has started undertaking as a child and they have had great successes.


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