Good Care of Furniture in Covid-19

This article is about cleaning tips for taking good care of furniture in Covid-19 as everyone is extremely fearful of the disease. After reading this article you can not only keep the virus out of home also you will increase the grace of your furniture.

Can the Covid-19 is transferable from furniture? Then how should I take care of furniture now? The household tasks which were boring a year back have turned into question and concern. As the consequences of increasing Covid-19 patient’s people are more concerned about its spread. In fact, families are struggling to keep their loved ones healthy and safe. Admittedly, the common information about it has increased the fear thus increasing stress. In that case, it is needed to filter the facts from fiction.

Spreading of Covid-19

 The research on Covid-19 is still going on and undoubtedly there is one thing common that it’s spread through respiratory droplets of an infected person. These droplets are produced particularly through talking, singing, coughing, and sneezing. When these droplets enter into the mouth of a healthy person as a result he becomes infected. These droplets obviously drop on our clothes, on household things especially furniture. Furniture used by everyone in the house, if it contained viral germs it could be harmful to everyone. You don’t need to take the stress anymore, in short, you can disinfect your furniture by using simple tricks.

What home remedies clean wood furniture?

Furniture is made up of different items specially made of wood. The surface of the wood is usually a good place for germs to grow. To clean wood furniture many branded chemicals are available in markets which are being generally used however few of them expensive and harmful too. Therefore, compromises on our health and wellness increases. There are many household products that are eco-friendly and safe.

  • Apple cider vinegar/ vinegar

Apple cider vinegar/vinegar is the best disinfectant for cleaning the furniture. It contains acetic acid in addition to minerals and vitamins. Acetic acid is a germ killer such as bacteria. Mix equal parts of apple cider vinegar with water in a spray bottle. Firstly spay on the surface and then clean with a neat cloth. Vinegar can directly spray on the fabric to clean the surface. Furniture surfaces vary in texture, so test on a small surface area before cleaning the whole surface.

  • Bleach

There is still no proper disinfectant solution for Covid-19 whereas daily cleaning of households kills many germs. Bleach is a good disinfectant for non-porous surfaces if it is in diluted form.  Bleach with 5%-9% sodium hypochlorite if concentration percentages more or not mentioned do not use it. This kind of bleach is for laundry and not proper for disinfection. Dilute bleach with an equal amount of water in a spray bottle and shake vigorously. Spray the liquid on the surface and wait for 10 minutes then clean with a neat cloth.

Precautions to use bleach

  • Always wear gloves before using disinfectants
  • Read instructions for using on the surface
  • Bleach solution is useless after 24 hours make new when needed.
  • Never use any household in bleach. This can release gas that may be dangerous to breathe in.
  • Keep windows open during or after application.


  • Soap and launders

For porous surfaces, furniture mixes soap with water and clean the surfaces.

Laundry products are also effective. Mix any product with water and clean the surface.

“Always read instructions by manufacturer’s before applying on any surface”.

Wood Furniture Care and maintenance  

Wooden furniture always enhances the grace of your home. Any wooden piece either sofa or center table is the focus of attraction. In every season wooden furniture needs extra care. Good care of wooden furniture is a task in order to maintain the wood. Wood is of a different kind furthermore paint on the wood also needs extra care.

What are the proper furniture care and maintenance?

To increase the life of your furniture here are few tips which will help you to keep it graceful.

  • Dust your furniture

A glorious room looks glorious because of neat and dust-free furniture. It is possible only when you are doing the right amount of dusting. Always use dry cotton clothes wipe to keep the dust off.

  • Sun protection

Wooden furniture unlike iron or steel furniture does not bear sunlight for long. Direct sunlight causes spots in furniture thus it lessens the grace of your furniture. If there is no other place to move always use a piece of cloth to cover your furniture.

  • Temperature control

If you place extremely hot or cold objects on your furniture it may distort the original texture. Always use a coaster with a cork bottom or trivet to avoid direct heat or to reduce water rings. Maintain the temperature of the area where you have kept your wooden furniture.

Synthetic furniture polish and homemade wood polish

The shine of wood furniture fades away with time thus you have to polish them to maintain its shine. Synthetic polish and homemade polish both are used accordingly. Synthetic polish is easily available in the market its coat gives shine to furniture but does not heal or moisturize the wood. Homemade polish gives shine and nourishes the wood too. Homemade polish is made of oil and bee wax. Regular waxing and oiling give shine to your furniture. It also increases the life of the wood. When furniture ages some woods lighten or some are darkened. Oiling and waxing give shine adds an extra layer to the wood. It is necessary to oil or wax your furniture once in three months. Here are some tips to made homemade polish.

  • Mix olive oil and lemon juice with a ratio of 2:1 and rub with a soft cloth on furniture.
  • Melt bee wax with double boiling method. Mix it with olive oil with the ratio of 1:2 and buff with a soft cloth on furniture in a circular motion. Let it dry then remove the grains with another neat cloth.
  • Mix olive oil and white vinegar with the ratio of 2:1 and rub on furniture.
  • Use coconut oil to shine furniture. Pour coconut oil on a cloth and rub it on dust-free furniture in a circular motion.

How do you keep wood furniture look new?

Buying a good piece of furniture is satisfactory. Now it’s the time to keep your furniture look new for a long. Here are some tips which could help to maintain its grace.

  • Woods are of different kinds thus they need care according to their kind. All information is written on the care label if you are buying from any brand. Must read it and follow the given instructions. If you are buying from any carpenter he will also guide you about its care.
  • If you have a leather couch, condition them regularly. It will decrease the process of cracking. If it has a fabric couch use a vacuum to clean dirt particles from it.
  • Avoid strong detergents or cleaning liquids to clean your furniture. If nothing is mentioned on the reading label, before cleaning the whole piece, a spot test on hidden are is a safe idea.
  • Sitting on the same piece of furniture in the same position can age that piece and lose its form. Change the position of furniture and it will give good effects on your mood. Rotate your mattress once in three months.

How do you restore polished wood furniture?

Restoring wood furniture takes time but handling it with proper material can restore it. To restore oil furniture cleans it with good cleaner having an orange or lemon oil.

  • If the furniture has not suffered from severe damage paste wax is enough to cover its cracks. Apply paste wax on the cracked part in a circular motion with the help of a cloth. It will penetrate in wood and forms protecting seals when harden same s automotive wax.
  • China wood oil is the next level option if furniture has severe damage. The oil absorbs well in wood grains. Simply drop few drops of oil on furniture and let it penetrate in wood for 5-10 minutes. Use the applicator’s pad or cloth to rub it on the surface n clean the excess oil.
  • Use lubricated sandpaper in case of unique furniture. Lubricated sandpapers have oil to give extra shine and remove residue from the furniture.

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