Watches That Women Die For

Watches Women Die for

Expensive & Budget Friendly Watches For Watch Lovers:

With the advent of smartphones in the present age women prefer to take a glance at the time on their phones when required instead of wearing watches. However watches have their own charm, own glamour. It can easily enhance our beauty. It can replace your other elegant accessories too. You can buy expensive as well as pocket friendly watch also.

Following is a list of few watches, which can guide you in your watch shopping:

Patek Philippe Ladies’ Calatrava:

Image by: JackY F

Whatever be the occasion, this watch always create a style statement for you. It can make you stand out in the crowd. Started in 1930, this Swiss brand is still a one of first choices for true watch lovers. The Calavatra Groom+Style family of watches feature a case made of white gold featuring 48 small diamonds engraved in the bezel , a night blue colored dial , a midnight blue colored strap made of satin and 6 additional diamonds set in its prong buckle set. This watch sells for roughly $ 35,000.

For women the Calatrava line has around 6 different options. One of them comes in an alligator strap colored in violet along with 20 diamonds & dark shade of purple colored face that is all lacquered up.Along with this you will also get five carats of diamonds in the white gold case (draped shaped). If you are looking for something that leaves an impression among people, then this would be the perfect one to fulfill your purpose.

Rolex Lady-Datejust 26 Gold Dial 18K Yellow Gold President Automatic Watch:

Rolex Lady-Datejust
Image by: iBSSR who loves comments on his images

Rolex is one of the most renowned names in the watch industry. This Lady Datejusy series (slim, bracelet as well as a case made with 18K yellow gold, hands made with gold and hour markers made with diamonds ) allows you to wear the brand after splurging a lot of cash. For cheaper options, you can go for silver as well as stainless steel models. However if you really have the passion for watches, then you  go for the Groom+Styles’s series. The dial is made of pink colored Jubilee diamond steel and also contains 18 Carats of gold. It also has a pink jubilee face. The bezel is fluted in texture made of everose gold. The watch also features a two tone hand.

Michael Kors Sport Tortoise Watch:

Michael Kors Sport
Image by: Maria Morri

It has a kind of wristband which is made of acrylic that comes from a tortoise-shellalong with eye catching gold tone. This almost 300 feet water resistant watch could be your regular choice. Along with the sophisticated look, its brown face makes it quite an easy reading option.

Bvlgari Serpenti Incantati:

Bvlgari Snake Watch
Image by: Randall Pugh

Bvlgari is a popular name both for watches as well as jewelry. Serpenti watches & jewelry by Bvlgari has been manufacturing since 1930. However the latest version of this watch is the first to feature a serpent encircling the dial. It’s absolutely elegant look make you fall in love with it.

This is high end jewelry in its finest form. It is available in two different cases made of pink gold and white gold. The main feature is the serpent adorned with 116 magnificently cut pave diamonds along its entire length. The strap made with satin has 20 more precisely cut diamonds on it , thereby completing a work of art that can transform you into a hear turner in crowd.You can get various options for this, nevertheless all of them cost likely in the range of$40,000.

Invicta Square Angel Diamond Watch:

Invicta square watch
Image by: Dale

This diamond fitted, square dial & glossy stainless steel band watch is a perfect choice for a dress watch. With day & date display, it has water resistant capability of almost 330 feet.


Image by: Hiro – Kokoro☆Photo

Seiko is the very first watch brand who manufactured the quartz watches. You can find this watch on the wrist of various famous entrepreneurs.They are not heavily priced & are easily available in the market. This is a watch meant for almost each & every occasion. People who are really passionate about watches they know the true value of this brand.

Fossil Stella Watch:

Image by: Pexels

This budget friendly option can provide you with some elegant looks also. For its metal bracelet you can have options like stainless steel or white or rose gold. This alluring watch choice could  enhance your look & elegance without putting much effort.

Ballon Blanc De Cartier:

Ballon Blanc De Cartier
Image by: West Midlands Police

This watch takes you back to the golden age of the 20’. This period is characterized by bracelets containing diamonds and gemstones. The Ballon Blanc de Cartier is a great combination of French design and Swiss precision.

This watch single handedly puts Cartier firmly in the horological business space and is highly regarded as one of the world’s top 10 watches. At the center is the dial made of a white mother pearl that is heavily lacquered. The hands are blue in color and have a sword like shape. It also features the classic Cartier railroad design displaying the minutes.  The case is made of 18 carat white or rose gold. The bezel contains two rows of diamonds , each piece individually selected. The main attraction is a large colorless solitaire diamond that is placed precisely next to the trademark “4” on the face of the watch.

This watch comes with a price tag north of $100,000. However if you take one look at it , you will whole heartedly agree that its worth every penny.

TAG Heuer Aquaracer Women’s Watch:

Tag Heuer
Image by: jay greinsky

This is a perfect choice for people involved in scuba diving industry. It has a water resistance ability of 900 feet . This watch features 6 bezels that are studded and can rotate in one direction. It helps in giving the watch a good grip. This family of watches come in Mother of Pearl, silver or black dials all of whom are encircled with diamonds. The band can be either stainless steel or stainless steel and gold.

Piaget Polo Fortyfive Lady Watch:

Piaget Polo
Image by: Guillaume P. Boppe

When it comes to watches, Swiss brands always come first. This manufacturer is known for its extravagant style. They have produced some of the most eye catching slimmest watches adorned with some semi-precious stones available in the market.  The Polo Lady series reflects a throwback style that is very popular these days. This sophisticated large watch, reflects an incomparable sporty look too.You can get in in various styles, one comes with white rubber band, diamond pave bezel, 18K rose gold andon the other hand, another comes with alligator leather strap with diamond & rose gold pave face. The white rubber strap version costs a cool $30,000 whereas the alligator skin version costs a whopping $ 68,000.

Featured Image by: Pexels

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