8 Most Common Troublesome Pregnancy Duration

Troublesome Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful time in a woman’s life because it is incredibly exhausting and rewarding at the same time. Some women start considering it an illness that is wrong on so many levels because albeit it presents an array of challenges, but it is merely a phase in a woman’s life and must be treated as such. Let’s find out what are the 8 most common troublesome pregnancy duration!

8 Troublesome Pregnancy Situations

Pregnancy does not mean that you cannot carry on with your regular activities and many doctors ask pregnant women to keep their pre-pregnancy routine intact unless something starts to discomfort them. Admittedly, there are certain things that you should avoid during pregnancy, and if you are a working woman, then pregnancy needs to be managed even more.

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We are discussing, the eight most common troublesome pregnancy faced by women during the 38/39 weeks. There you can take some mitigating measures to handle them in a better way.

1. Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is one of the very common troublesome pregnancy faced by every nine out of ten pregnant women. It is so common that in some cultures, morning sickness is the way women determine their pregnancy.

In this condition, pregnant women feel nauseous in the morning and also throw up quite often. The severity of the condition varies from one pregnancy to another. Reasoning, some women complain of mild nausea, while others may have to get hospitalized.

2. Varicose Veins A Major Troublesome Pregnancy

Every athletic pregnancy is associated with weight gain. But, this does not mean you should not maintain a healthy workout routine. It will tone your body and will get easier to go back in shape. However, some women gain excessive weight and start to apply pressure on their knees and legs. As a result, they face a condition called varicose veins.

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In this condition, veins get inflamed due to increased blood flow, and in extreme cases, they get visible on the skin. Such type of cases warrant treatments that may include sclerotherapy.

3. Lower Back Pain

During pregnancy, the ligaments of the body get soft and start to stretch to accommodate for life growing inside your uterus. It puts a lot of stress on the lower part of the body, especially:

  • The lower back
  • Pelvic Region
  • Knees

As a result, many women experience acute to chronic lower back pains in pregnancy. It is particularly during the latter part of the pregnancy. There are some home remedies and exercise that can mitigate the problem, but these pains mostly are part and parcel of the pregnancy.

4. Constipation

Many women complain about constipation because it is an incredibly uncomfortable pregnancy condition and also worsen back pains. Since most of the medications are forbidden to take during troublesome pregnancy. Constipation has to be controlled by the right diet, like drinking a lot of water and consuming fruits and foods rich in fiber.

5. Malnutrition A Serious Troublesome Pregnancy 

During pregnancy, women must be cautious about their diet, and they need to realize that there is another life growing inside them and using up their share of nutrients. Therefore, they have to take enough nutrients for both of them that include folic acid, vitamin C, calcium, and vitamin C, which must be ingested via foods and supplements both to keep their nutritional reserves well replenished.

All of these problems may sound horrifying, but most of the women will vouch for the fact that all of these problems are worth it against the beautiful outcome.

6. HeartBurn 

Pregnant ladies face hormonal and physical changes within the body. It is essential to eat during pregnancy in small portions but more frequently. However, whatever is eaten pregnant women must make sure to avoid all those food that make the heartburning. 

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The best solution is to try having quality sleep at least three hours before your meal. Heartburn is not a major troublesome pregnancy but it causes many uncomfortable inner feelings. 

7. Insomnia

After 16-weeks of pregnancy symptoms start getting a little difficult for the mother due to weight increase. Insomnia is extremely common to experience in more than 75% of pregnant women. Troublesome pregnancy like the following are often faced:

  • Bloating
  • Leg cramps 
  • A constant uronic feeling 

The problems cause pregnant women to face difficulties during sleep. The most suitable solution for insomnia is to have a warm bath along with a soothing routine. Sleep routine must be improved with time with comfortable vibes regardless of any noise pollution. Relaxation can also be considered by listening to special tones lyric and reading an interesting book. 

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Another home remedy for getting rid of Insomnia is exercising might also be helpful. Exercising will make pregnant women’s muscles to move in order to maintain activeness as well as tired to sleep calmly.
It is recommended by the confluence health consultants that, insomnia does not cause harm to the fetus yet it is necessary to take proper rest.

8. Headache and Migraine

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Pregnancy causes frequent variation with a woman as hormones keep changing which leads to having a headache. Although there could be many other reasons for migration including genetic inheritance. for example, the pregnant woman’s family might have migraine with problems since birth.

Nevertheless, those who are facing a headache might be overstressed or have eating disorders. It is better to keep your doctor informed on the situation as then the pregnant lady would have a better understanding. 


In order to avoid trouble pregnancy headaches, it is suggested by the midwife to have a proper sleep routine along with drinking a lot of water. Those who are suffering from inherited migraines can ask the doctor to suggest medication. The pregnant woman must make sure that no external drugs are taken during these 9 months.

In case, your headache getting severe up to a level that your vision becomes blurry, then immediately check with your doctor. Although there is not a direct effect of it on your fetus still it is better to take a good amount of rest to avoid a headache. 

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