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Are you interested in COVID-19 has affected so much of modern life that it is almost impossible to endure a day without thinking about the virus? Coronavirus has seriously affected the entire world and its population in several ways. Undoubtedly, you have sacrificed much to keep yourself and others safe from infection — staying home for months, avoiding contact with family and friends, canceling plans, and perhaps even missing out on work or school. While the crisis is far from over, I think it is safe to say: You deserve a vacation, travel for just $20 around Midwest. 

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The Cheapest Travel Destination in 2021 

Unfortunately, most countries are preventing disease-ridden Americans from passing their borders, which means you are largely confined to domestic travel. Since the most popular tourist destinations in the U.S. are locked down tight for the foreseeable future, your best option is a trip to the Midwest for $20 travel. WOW! Isn’t it an amazing offer that could be availed, taking all precautions under COVID? There are two primary components under this astonishing offer that people within the US can take and enjoy at Midwest $20 travel at the cheapest price ever.

Midwest $20 Travel Wonderland

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What could be more fantastic than traveling for just $20 at one of your favorite destinations in the most peaceful season? It is well understood that people hardly travel nowadays due to COVID however, people admire places where they are the only VIP treated guests, without any other guests. Fortunately, the Midwest can be a wonderland, especially if you are interested in cannabis and kicking back. Here are a few tips and tricks. 

Illinois or Michigan for Weed

Perhaps surprisingly, the Midwest $20 travel, is a bit more progressive about Marijuana than the East Coast. Both Michigan and Illinois have recreational marijuana regulations in effect. But the closest to New York you can find legal weed in Massachusetts. If you suspect your mini-vacation would be mightily improved by marijuana, you should head to the Midwest.

For being less than a year old, Midwest $20 travel “Chicago’s cannabis” offerings are outstandingly vast and varied. You can find dozens of high-quality dispensaries around the city, including MOCA, a trendy grocery-store-like dispensary, and Dispensary 33, a dispensary with an haute couture feel. As long as you bring your mask, you can wander Chicago safely and take in the world-famous architecture and cuisine. Alternatively, you can get out of the city and partake in your Chicago marijuana at a quiet, 420-friendly accommodation in the country, like Aldrich Guest House in Galena, Illinois.

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Michigan has enjoyed legal adult-use weed for longer than Illinois. But even in the extra year of operation, the state has not cultivated the same tourism industry around the herb. Still, you can find plenty of dispensaries in delightful destinations around Midwest for $20 travel. For example, you might spend the last few weeks of summer picking cherries in Traverse City after visiting one of the town’s three dispensaries, or you could journey to secluded Mackinac Island, stopping at Mackinaw City’s dispensary on the way.

Missouri for Beach – Midwest $20 travel

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Many people don’t imagine that journeying so deep into the center of the country will yield a successful beach Midwest $20 travel. That’s exactly why you should plan your next beach trip to Missouri. Thanks to the Midwest $20 travel that abundance of lakes, you can find pristine beaches in almost every corner of the state. Here are some of the best beaches for a late summer vacation:

  • Moonshine Beach. Located near Branson in southwest Missouri, Moonshine Beach on Table Rock Lake boasts plenty of space (for social distancing). The still water and surrounding forest make for stunning scenery, and the lake is a popular scuba diving spot thanks to its dramatic rock formations.
  • Grand Glaize Beach. Also known as Public Beach #2 in the Ozarks, Grand Glaize is a broad, sandy space with easy swimming and plenty of picnic spots. Plus, the park is a starting point for many other outdoor recreation options, like boating and hiking. Plus, the Ozarks in general are a bucket-list-worthy park worth exploring.
  • Truman Lake. Technically a reservoir, this body of water offers 958 miles of shoreline. You can spread out and enjoy the gorgeous views of forests, bluffs, and crystal-clear water. You can lounge, swim, boat, fish, watch wildlife, and more, and you can camp or rent a cabin near the lake.

Marijuana remains illegal for recreational use around Missouri, and vaping in public spaces is also not allowed. However, if you can find your own corner of a far-flung beach, you should be able to enjoy your vacation without interruption.

Ohio for Hike

Another Midwest $20 travel, Ohio isn’t Colorado, Arizona, or some other Western state is known for its mountains and untouched natural beauty. However, Ohio is woefully underappreciated as a hiking destination; the state is filled with caves, enchanting rock formations, and old, dense forests waiting to be explored. Some of the most rewarding outdoor adventures in Ohio include:

  • Virginia Kendall Ledges. Over 300 million years ago Ohio was covered by an ancient sea, and the ledges you hike through on this trail were carved underwater. Thanks to melting glaciers.
  • Oak Openings. Boasting one of the rarest ecosystems in the world, this park close to Toledo mixes old oak forests, dunes, savannas, prairies, and swamp forests. You can explore this strange, diverse space that doesn’t look or feel like Ohio.
  • Hell Hollow. While the name might be off-putting, this wilderness area is absolutely divine in the fall, when the trees ignite with color. If you are planning an autumnal getaway, Ohio’s Hell Hollow makes for a gorgeous backdrop, perfect for pictures.

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Ohio boasts minor marijuana possession laws, fining at most a few dollars for small, personal amounts of pot. Still, you might be wise to use more discreetly and micro-dose cannabis during your trip. As it will be an absolutely entertaining trip right at the beginning of 2021, that would bring fun for the entire family. So don’t waste much time thinking. Go book your fully enjoy your hike without feeling overwhelmed or uncomfortable.

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