Eager For Vaping, May Be It Is Better Than Inhaling?

Stoners tend to be an enterprising bunch, eager to invent or experiment with their drug of choice in different forms. Weed is fantastically malleable; it can be inhaled, eaten, and absorbed in myriad ways. However, some ways are better than others, and vaping is the best of them all. The subject might bring interest as to thinking eager to vape is better than inhaling. Alternatively, there are several other options but why vaping is more pleasing? Let’s find out!

What Is Vaping?

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Vaping is the act of inhaling water vapor that contains compounds the user wants or needs in their system. Vaporizers work by heating a substance to transform it into vapor. The substance heated inside a vape can take many forms, from special oils to raw cannabis (or tobacco) to various types of concentrates. It completely depends on the individual as to which kind of substance is needed as the resulting product.

Vaporizers became mainstream more or less a decade ago when portable vape pens became more affordable and a community developed around their use for nicotine. However, vaping wasn’t invented around 2010. More like 1930 with the first commercially viable vaporizers available in the 1960s. Vaping as a practice has been around for a long, long time, and it is only now beginning to receive the attention it deserves.


Today, there are two large classifications of vaporizers:

  1. Conduction
  2. Convection

A large number of variations within these two styles of vaporization are commonly found. The usage of it anywhere depending on the need of the person.

1. Conduction Vaping

Place a substance in direct contact with a heating mechanism. Conduction is fast, heating the substance quickly and requiring a straightforward design that makes these rigs much more affordable and easier to use. However, conduction vapes also tend to be imprecise in their temperature, which can lead to burned substances and bad experiences.

2. Convection Vaping

Heat their substance indirectly, by first using a heating element to heat air and then passing that air over the substance. This allows for precision temperature control and eliminates the possibility of combustion, which results in a more palatable experience. However, convection vapes are much more complicated in their design, making them a bit slower and more difficult to use.

From here, vaporizers are broken down into categories based on how they are used at home. On-the-go, socially — and what types of substances are placed in the — dry herb, e-liquids, wax and concentrates, etc. If you are on the fence about buying a vape, you might look into your available options, even talking to a Chicago marijuana professional at a dispensary near you.

Why is Vaping Best?

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There are perhaps dozens of reasons that vaping is the best, from how it is the most effective at delivering desired compounds into the bloodstream to how it is the most fun and rewarding of stoner hobbies. Here are the most prescient benefits of vaping, especially to the beginner vaper like you:

Cannabinoid Uptake

Not all methods of using cannabis effectively deliver a high proportion of cannabinoids to the bloodstream. Edibles, particularly, aren’t efficient because the digestive system isn’t well-equipped to identify and absorb cannabinoids. Inhalation allows cannabinoids to enter the bloodstream through the lungs, allowing for a quick and powerful high that doesn’t waste valuable cannabis products.

Flavor Preservation

Inhalation is best, but that doesn’t mean smoking a vaping are equal. Smoking cannabis forces the user to burn the flower, which in addition to producing carcinogenic compounds (albeit less than tobacco) dramatically worsens the flavor experience. Vaporizers preserve the natural terpenes within cannabis, and many concentrates have added flavors that make the experience even better.


In addition to its burnt flavor, weed smoke has a pungent smell that can be detected in a wide area around the user. Thus, if you are trying to be discreet with your cannabis use, you need a different method — and vaping is best. Vaping provides the flavor without the aroma, and portable vaporizers can be small, sleek devices that fit in a pocket.


You can buy a vaporizer that is already assembled and ready to use, but you can also tinker with your vape rig, adding modifications that impact the look and function. This gives users ultimate control over every aspect of their experience, which is both fun and rewarding to many stoners looking to invest more time and energy in their favorite hobby.

Should You Vape?

Since the practice became popular roughly a decade ago, vaping has inspired a wide array of reactions in different groups.

Some hate the idea of vaporizers, not trusting the new-fangled technology and believing they impart more harm to users than old-fashioned blunts and bongs. Some love vape life, finding the gadgets both fun and functional — a more customizable tool for inhaling purer forms of compounds they need and want.

You can pick up a vape and start vaping today. But to get something more from the experience, you should invest more time and energy into it. Researching vape makes as well as models the interaction with the vape community. In addition the exploration of the vape regulations in your state must be in knowledge. Once you know more about vaping, you can decide for yourself whether vaping is, indeed, the best way to use cannabis.

Electronic Cigarette

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One of the latest of all vaping is the act of inhaling vapors in form of electronic cigarettes. A large number of people are addicted to smoking tobacco which is extremely harmful. This is because regular tobacco intake consists of more than 5000 toxic materials.

Undoubtedly, vaping also have similar kinds of toxic materials. Those who take an interest to quit smoking tobacco are advised to switch to vaping. Vaping helps them cure their health issues in order to avoid completely intake of tobacco. Although vaping is not totally safe.

Future of Vaping

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However, there is a time when doctors advice to continue e-cigarettes to individuals including seniors as well as the young generation who are smoking lovers. Though we can also say it is a trend in the 21st century of using the electronic cigarette. The trend is having a huge drawback that is making it amazingly disastrous in the coming months. Studies have shown that by 2022 more than 42% of the world population will die because of heart and lung diseases.

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