Saudi Arabia is Allowing Travelers

Saudi Arabia
  • Saudi Arabia has banned its airports for travelers because of the widespread disease in March 2020 and allowed a limited number of travelers in September.
  • Saudi Arabia announced on Wednesday, January, 13 to allow operating flights worldwide except those countries where coronavirus still prevails.

The Saudi Arabia government had set a committee on Wednesday in Riyadh. The committee has decided to reopen all Saudi Arabia’s airports from 31st March 2021 except those where Coronavirus still prevails.

Saudi Arabia’s airports share their boundaries with almost all of the world. Million of people every year go to Saudi Arabia. Umrah is a pilgrimage that Muslims can perform at any time of the year. There is an average of 25 million pilgrims who performs Umrah every year.

Whereas Muslims perform Hajj once a year and approximately 2.5 million people perform Hajj every year. 2020 is the year when Muslims were not able to go there freely. When the lockdown started in March, the travelers sent back without performing Umrah. Only local citizens allowed to perform Umrah and Hajj. Airports were open for local citizens only with the implementation of strict SOPs.

Saudi Arabia’s airports Aviation Authority had issued the notification to operate flights and to reopen Saudi Arabia’s airports to brightening possibilities of Hajj 2021.

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Saudi Arabia’s committee has decided that the number of cases of coronavirus will be thoroughly investigated first. All countries have to ensure that there is no virus victim anymore to share their boundaries again.  A committee has set up to take further decisions regarding the reopening of Saudi Arabia’s airports. Decisions will make accordingly. Implementation of SOPs will be compulsory for travelers who will come to Saudi Arabia airports.

According to Arab News, the pilgrims arriving from any country have to obtain permits to enter Saudi Arabia airport.

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