A Brainstorm on Environmental Issues

Wherever we live around the planet, we interact with environmental issues connected with our lifestyle. Our environment has been changing because human beings are in demand of unessential wants for living. We must give a brainstorm on environmental issues from now. In addition, I would say, start thinking about ecological solutions because our civilization is passing from a century’s tremendous environmental issues. The magnitude of the problems is quite overwhelming. Yet if every person starts with a small step daily, it will be possible that our planet will retain its liveliness soon.

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The Eco-Friendly Environmental Issues

It is not hidden how environmental issues have been a part of our lives. Let’s list down some of the major issues due to which we are currently facing: 

  • Climate Change (The effect on GreenHouse Gasses)
  • Pollution ( Waste Products mainly dispose of unused material) 
  • Deforestation ( Carbon Oxide gas leading to global warming)
  • Water Scarcity (Lack of Clean water) 
  • Reduction in Biodiversity ( Extinction of species) 
  • Unsustainable Agricultural Practice ( Loss of Soil Degradation)

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The Effect of Environmental issues on Greenhouse Gasses

Firstly we need to be clear about what is greenhouse gasses? It is a combination of various gasses that are the environmentally safe and protective layer of gasses to defend sunlight’s extreme heat reaching the surface.

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The Environmental Problems: We have all been listening since our school time that our planet’s atmosphere is continuously changing. The variations are due to the spread of gasses’ emission, which was naturally covering our earth like a blanket. Unfortunately, for a long time, the blanket that was covering the world but is slowly demolishing. Due to the reason today we are having extreme weather in the year 2020. 

Greenhouse emission Solutions: People must understand the cause of overflooding, sudden weather changes, and excess air pollution. For this purpose, every individual must move to electric cars.  For example, Tesla’s manufacturer increases its customers’ interest during the year 2020, think in favor of the environmental issues we are facing.  

Dispose of Unused Material Pollution 

Waste products could be anything that is not humanly useful anymore. Therefore it is throw away. Although air pollution leads to weather changes, waste material pollution also boosts the irritation in the air. 

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Environmental Problems: People worldwide are polluting water and natural soil, which is risking in terms of health. Because the media does not focus much on this part of the cause, individuals worldwide suffer from serious health issues—the mold restoration on waste products left on the grounds when dumped as waste. Similarly, contaminated water is destroying natural habitats due to the irresponsibility of humans.

Soil and Water Solutions: All those waste items forming molds, resulting in obtaining expensive health insurance plans; make wise use of those waste items on the soil. For example, convert the heavy metallic waste items from the earth into renewable energy. Likewise, contaminated water might be reconsidered when producing or running potential energy used for effective utilization.

Carbon Oxide Gas Leading to Global Warming

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What happens when we cut down trees? We can quickly produce expensive types of furniture for the home, college, or official use. Other than this, we can produce a variety of papers used to write down different things. 

The Environmental Issues: Looking into the chemical or biological inner of the forest, by trimming down the entire forest, human beings are actually cutting off the oxygen we breathe. The Carbon Oxide (CO2) is getting realized into the atmosphere by breaking the ozone layers further. 

Solutions to deforestation: Every person should target around at least 500 trees in their life of 50 years. The practice will help reduce the CO2 in the atmosphere to lower down with time, stabilize the greenhouse gasses, and further sustain the climate level.  

Lack of Clean Water 

Water is essential to every living organism on this planet; this may also include some electric manufacturing goods and non-living items like vehicles. Only three percent of the world’s water is safe and clean for the people of the world. 

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Environmental Issues:  In today’s era, people misuse everything, including water. Undeveloped countries were already lacking clean and safe water; however, even developed states are currently suffering from the crisis. 

Solutions to Water Scarcity: The excess rainfall due to climate change can help us in various ways. We can store clean and safe water for our future usage, which will help us if we are out of safe water someday. The governments should be strict on every resident of the developed countries to use water efficiently. Farmers must avoid using toxic chemicals to eliminate pesticides when practicing agricultural activities to maintain eco-friendly water passing into the earth’s ground.   

Extinction of Species During Environmental Issues

Climate changes, deforestation, and contaminated water are harmful activities practiced by human beings on this planet. We can take this as an encroachment on wild animals and sea creatures who have significantly contributed while the earth’s temperature keeps changing.

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The Environmental Problems: You must have heard from your ancestors that they talk about various butterflies that are hardly seen on this planet. Our ecosystem has been destroyed by more than 10% during the past 20 years; this is because people around the world are greedy enough to fulfill their wants.

Biodiversity Solutions: Wildlife Act departments of every nation need to spread the importance of ecosystems within people. Even during COVID-19, our youngsters must be taught the significance of purchasing only those products that are bio-efficient and not harmful to the environment.  

Unsustainable Agricultural Practice

One of the major reasons for climate change is that people nowadays are always demanding better things. For this purpose, food industrialists are manufacturing products which in huge quantity.

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The Environmental Problems: Production of any food items in bulk is a question mark for many researchers. People are not thinking about how exactly those food items are produced in large quantities. There are farming food products that are artificially produced with the help of chemicals that affect humans internally. 

Solutions to Agricultural Erosion: The best advice to readers would be to read the ingredients of all food products before purchasing them. So that they self-satisfied being responsible for the environmental issues while knowing the roots of the food items they purchase daily. Another advisable idea would be to move on to organic food items. 

Organic and home gardening will be the upcoming trending of COVID 19, Chapter 2 – another brainstorm on how to get rid of environmental issues.   

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