3 Tips For the Day of Your Driving Test

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Being nervous on the driving test day is normal, but the important thing is how you tackle that nervousness. Al learner always wants to listen from the instructor that “you are ready for the test” after a long time of being leaner in virtual school. Besides everything else, it’s essential to know what to expect on that day, and the instructors are trained to make you feel comfortable and examine your skills in driving tests. So you have to be calm and focused only then the will not difficult than the usual driving lesson.

Once you have reached test day, there will be different parts to be covered on that day;

Eyesight Checkup

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The first thing those examiners have to be sure that is your eyesight and is it enough for the test or not. For that examiner will ask you to read the number plate, and you have to be sure that you can read the number plate for that, you have to measure 20meters from the car and try to read the number plate. And if you need glasses, you make sure you take them to the test, and you must wear them by law. While practicing whenever you drive a car or motorcycle, you make sure to wear them so that you won’t forget to wear them on moving day tests.

Vehicle Safety Questions

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You will ask your vehicle safety questions during the test examiner: “show me,” and one is the “tell me” question. First, you will be asked, “tell me,” at the beginning of the best and the other “show me” question will be asked while driving. Its purpose is to verify that you know the basic knowledge of how to check the car and the car’s safety. For example, the “show me” question can be ‘how you will wash your windscreen? Or ‘show me how you will operate the horn or indicators? And “tell me” question can be ‘tell me that the breaks are working before starting the journey? Or ‘tell me that engine oil is sufficient? So these are the question you might face while driving a test.

General Driving Ability Tips

So here comes the part in which you have to drive. Examiner will give you a route set on which you have to go in different traffic conditions. Drive as you drove during the lessons and don’t stick with the little mistakes. While driving, it will be included to stop at the side of the road or pull off from parking.

Reversing Vehicle Tips

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Reversing a vehicle is not as difficult as it seems to make sure you follow your instructor’s instructions while he/she gave you during the lesson. This includes parallel parking or reversing to the right hand and reserving to the left hand.

Independent Driving Tips

Examiners will give you 20 minutes to drive independently via signs boards in the street. The essential thing is you forget about the examiner sitting by your side and focus on the driving. Independent driving will help you to drive all the time safely, and if you go on the wrong route examiner will help you to get back to the right route.

Passing or Failing

You could do three types of faults while driving test minor, serious, and dangerous. While conducting tests, you can do counted defects exceeding to them can occur failure of the test, and if you pass the exam, you can go straight away as soon as you get a driving license.

Passing Practical Driving Test Tips

Here are top tips that can guide you right from the very beginning before you go on a ride to the driving test,

  1. Plan your time
  2. Plan your budget
  3. Regular lessons
  4. Record your progress
  5. Practice
  6. Focus between the lesson
  7. Pass the theory test
  8. Mock driving test
  9. Have a good night sleep


Driving is an ongoing learning skill, and learning doesn’t stop once you pass the test. To improve your skills, instructors like to make you drive in rainy weather at night.

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