7 Signs You Are A Workaholic

Signs of a Workaholic

Though workaholism has been there since long past, however present day’s digital technology has added a totally different element to the word workaholic. Various latest technologies like laptops, smartphones, tablets etc. makes it easier to work from almost anywhere. Sometimes the need for meeting deadlines or various other heavy pressure work compels people to take work to their home, which almost wipes out the line between work and leisure. These workaholic people are even available during vacations, weekends and even during late nights too.

Compared to other types of addiction, workaholism can leave noticeable impact on your health. As per various proficient people excessive high rates of burn-out at jobs and high work pressure, leads to problems like anxiety, headaches, anger, stomach problems and depression too. Even after facing all these problems, the “time is money” temperament forces people to think hard about having a relaxing time with family or friends instead of working all the time.

1. First to reach and last one to leave office:

If you find yourself reaching office quite early most of the time i.e. you are basically the first one to enter the office and leave the office after all other employees leave, then there is something very wrong with you. It is not that you take extra time to finish your work, it might be a symptom of your workaholism. Your have an extreme sense of dedication and you always feel the need to do more. That forces you do something like this.

2. Least interested in any other stuff:

Sometimes people prefer to fulfill their employee duties all the time. Instead of nurturing any kind of hobbies, all they like to do is their work duties. Because of their imbalanced between work and social or family life, they even face various other challenges. However when by nature you are a workaholic, these challenges doesn’t stand that much of a chance. When people nurture these sort of behavior for a long period of time, sometimes their family and friends prefer to leave them alone with their office clients and colleagues.

3. Checking emails every five minutes:

Checking emails every five minutes
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It’s perfectly ok to check your emails and get updated when you are in the office. Nevertheless after reaching home in the evening checking your emails in every 5 minutes is not at all ok. Because of the nature of your job you might be getting emails every five minutes, but try not to respond to those emails unless they are urgent or something important. After a stressful day try to enjoy time with your family. It will make you happy and lower your anxiety levels too.

4. Break is very minimum or simply they don’t exist:

Various studies have revealed that working continuously without taking breaks can minimize your productivity noticeably. So continuing to work even during lunch hour is not a good thing to do. According to medical experts we need to take a break in every 2 hours when we are working in an office ambience. Taking very minimum or no breaks at all can leave a bad impact on your posture or even your eyes and health too.

5. Getting stressed easily even when not working:

Though people believe that stress associated with meeting deadlines boosts your interest level, which in turn motivates you to get your job done. However if you feel stressed out even in your vacation or during your leisure time, without any proper reason, then you might need help. Anxiety even in vacation would not allow you to stay relaxed and can enhance the risk of your health.

6. You might spend sleepless nights regularly:

You might spend sleepless nights regularly
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Work can be taxing and it can easily enhance your anxiety too. When it you wakes you up once or twice at night then it might not be that serious, however, if you spend sleepless nights on a daily basis, then your anxiety level is too high. You need to keep a good balance between your work and life, otherwise excessive stress level can enhance your BP, which in turn can lead to various serious conditions like stroke etc.

7. Always late for evening get togethers / parties:

If you find yourself to be the last one to reach every evening party or social gatherings and your friends and family starting to intentionally inform you the party time to be at least an hour prior to the actual time, then its high time for you to reach their on time.

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