Top 10 Kids Learning Games Free Download

Kids Learning Games Free Download

Where to find kids learning video games download for free? You have landed on the right page; this article provides you with all those impressive downloads that bring your kid to discover a task. However, it can be tricky, requiring you to go into overdrive. Kids can get incommodious when it comes to learning. In this digital world, everyone is fond and attached to their cellular devices or tablets, even today’s kids. They won’t even eat food unless they have a screen in Infront of them playing their favorite cartoons. Thus. Today’s kids learn best by kinesthetic and spatial modes of learning that include some interaction with technology.

Software developers have programmed and designed several learning games and apps for kids that aid them in learning better. You can easily download learning games on your mobile phone or tablet via the play store or apple store.

A list of Kids Learning Games Download

Following are some of the games you can download free of cost that will help your kids learn better.


ABC Kids is one of the best educational Android games for youngsters that you can download for free. It is a straightforward game that enables learners to know the basics of English I.e the alphabet ABCs, how to peruse, and the contrast between capitalized and lower-case letters. The games are very basic and award kids with in-game stickers for finishing the different errands. This one is clearly for more youthful children around Kindergarten age. The designers, RV AppStudios, have designed many more games likewise that are available over the internet.

2. PBS Kids Games

PBS Kids is rapidly transforming into an immense designer of instructive Android kids’ games. The organization has games for a significant number of its shows and a devoted PBS Kids Games application with a lot of teaching substance. We suggest the PBS Kids Games game initially connected with the catch underneath, and it highlights more than 100 scaled-down games with exercises for science, math, perusing, and many more. Besides, it connects with PBS Kids programming on the off chance you need a decent one-two punch with what your children watch on TV.

3. Prodigy

If you want to upskill your child in arithmetic and mathematical problems then this game is the one for them. It is a role-playing game based on the concepts of Mathematics. Children continue through the game by responding to expertise building mathematical problems to procure rewards. There’s an intuitive component, as well; they can go on missions with companions. The trouble levels increment as your children gain ground in the game.

4. Mind Snacks

Childhood is the age when your kids have the sharpest memory and they grasp on new concepts more quickly and smartly compared to adults. Thus, making them familiar with language at a young age is a good choice. Brain Snacks is an intelligent application that shows words and expressions in various languages like Spanish, Chinese, French, German, and Japanese. There is likewise the alternative to pick SAT jargon. Rather than learning through repetition retention and redundancy, fun touch screen games are brought forward.

Most children don’t care for being bound to a work area with reading material. Be that as it may, with Mind Snacks, they can learn unfamiliar words and expressions in casual settings, like holding up in line, or any event, during a long vehicle trip.

5. Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids is one of the advanced learning Android games for kids. It’s by Khan Academy. The children’s rendition has an assortment of smaller than normal games that help show a lot of subjects, including perusing, education, language, math, rationale, and articulation. It’s free with no in-application buys, promotions, or memberships and that helps settle on it an engaging decision for guardians. It’s for the most part for preschool level children up through Kindergarten or 1st grade. Hence, the games are adequately basic.

6. Code Spells

Coding and programming are another outstanding kids learning games download for free. It is not only a skill now but more of a necessity and need. The one who is familiar with coding manages better at life because he has learned the art of problem-solving. In the said game, the characters use some spells which are to be written in Java code.

7. Game Star Mechanic

This game enables players to think critically to design and share their games. It teaches the game developing strategy and skill of rational problem solving with an action plan. This game is also a part of the online STEAM education which is the new approach in vogue these days.

8. Intellijoy

Intellijoy is the most sought-after teaching android games for kids. Children take in numerous things from their games like shading, shapes, numbers, perusing, tallying, puzzle-addressing and arranging. A portion of their games is uninhibitedly accessible on Google Play free of cost.

9. Starfall

Reading and writing constitute basic online STEAM. This game aids children in reading different words, pronouncing them, and spelling them. it improves their comprehension and creativity skills.

10. Sim City

This game teaches about urban planning and socio-economic development by letting the players build their cities and manage them effectively. It teaches the art of long-term planning to kids.


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