Picking That Perfect T-shirt For The Hot Summer Months

T-shirts for summer

T shirt is always a nice thing to wear during the summer months. With modern fit, high quality fabrics & nice designs, it always makes it a stylist option to wear during those hot summer days. When your working environment is pretty casual then these types of t shirts can become a style statement too. You can pair it up with something classy like a white colored sneaker or with chinos or even with a light weight casual blazer.

However there are some rules, which can make it a perfect summer t shirt for you. According to manufacturing tycoons like Need Supply, Buck Mason, Saturdays NYC these rules are as follows:

Colors For Summer:

Colors for summer
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Whatever may be the color you like, bright or a little pale, you need to concentrate on the material. Nice material like prima cotton or linen is always a good option for upscale tees. Solid white tees are always in style. On the other hand many people prefer light shaded solid tees as their summer t shirt. For alternate materials earthy colors suit well according to these fashion tycoons.

Minimum Amount of Layering:

Minimum Amount of Layering
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T shirt is a yearlong collection for any man’s closet. Summer tees are something, which can’t be worn with layered clothing. So you need the fabric to hold the fit correctly. With quality fabric you can make your tees look a little more modern & sophisticated too. So utilize your time fruitfully in selecting that perfect one for your closet.

Focus on The Fit:

Focus on The Fit
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Toasty summer season could turn out to be really harsh on us, so t shirts need to have a little more space, not like an oversized stuff, but a little more space than a skinny fit. Some typical styles like a wider neck can make you feel a little more relaxed. Tees with wider necks are a style statement along with the relaxed fit ones.

Go for Lighter Materials:

Go for Lighter Material
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The ultimate summer tees are something which you can wear in those hot summer days, while you are walking on the street. However to get that comfortable feeling you need to choose the perfect material, which should be soft & should hang so lightly that it can keep your body cool during those hot months. When you choose that perfect material you can get the classy look as well as get the ultimate comfy feeling too.

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